SIPA has more than 30 investment professionals working from our 3 offices. These individuals collaborate across departments, sharing industry knowledge and insight to source, research and consummate investments in SIPA

Senior Team Members

  • Martin Almdal

    Martin Almdal

    Location: Lausanne, Switzerland.
    Department: Other
    Direct email:
    Direct phone: +41 21 321 2377

  • Nicolai Sandborg

    Nicolai Sandborg

    Location: Lausanne, Switzerland.
    Department: Admin
    Direct email:
    Direct phone: +41 21 321 2372

  • Slavena Hristova

    Slavena Hristova

    Location: Varna, Bulgaria.
    Department: Bulgaria
    Direct email:
    Direct phone: +359 884 18 51 52

  • Tytti Favez

    Tytti Favez

    Location: Lausanne, Switzerland.
    Department: Admin
    Direct email:
    Direct phone: +41 21 321 2371

Our Partners

SIPA has a unique position due to its local presence in the European regions and its real estate focused platform. The combination of local networks and long standing experience in all facets of real estate investment gives SIPA an advantage in deploying capital in markets where active asset management capabilities are increasingly required to generate returns.

Conti Financial Services


Conti Financial Services Ltd, the UK’s leading overseas mortgage specialist can help you find the finance for your property abroad, and make the process as safe and as hassle-free as possible.
Established in 1994, Conti has helped thousands of people to arrange their mortgages in over 45 countries. Conti work closely with overseas lenders and property professionals helping you to buy your property, whether this is for your own personal use or for investment purposes.



Clients of SIPA are offered the exclusive services of SEB`s Private Banking branch in Geneva. Private Banking is for people who value professional wealth management, demand quality and appreciate personal service. As a customer, you decide how much or how little time you want to dedicate to your finances. SEB take care of the rest.
At Private Banking, you get a personal adviser and/or equity trader, who is your channel to our accumulated knowledge and financial expertise. They understand your wishes and needs, and help you make important decisions at different stages of your life.

Rialto Developments


Rialto Development Ltd. is an international property development firm with offices in the United Kingdom and Bulgaria. The company has committed considerable resources to identifying and developing unique building projects on the Black Sea Coastline and in the Rhodopes mountain region.

Bord Construction Ltd


Bord Construction Ltd. is a major Bulgarian construction company with more than a thousand employees including a highly skilled team of design and construction professionals. The company is specialized in large scale quality construction of residential and holiday complexes on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coastline. Bord Ltd. has a unique track record of completion of quality construction projects on time and on budget for demanding end-users.