Investing in Real Estate

SIPA seeks to identify value-priced real estate investment opportunities in emerging markets. We have been deeply involved in Bulgarian property markets, both on the Black Sea Coasts and in mountain resorts, over several years and we remain firmly convinced that these markets will flourish further over the coming years. The country has a glorious climate for summer and winter tourism, a rich and vibrant culture and a very stable political system (member of both Nato and the European Union).

As part of the ‘bottom-up’ or local market approach, the macro-economic analysis is combined with market specific analysis to identify investment opportunities. SIPA has a strong local network through its business partners, joint-venture partners, employees and alliances with proven real estate professionals which assist SIPA identify and capitalize on potential investments. This network is further enhanced by SIPA’s affiliation with Rialto Development, a property development firm domiciled in the UK with representative offices in Geneva and Varna.